Modifications of Orders

Modification of Prior Court Orders

A prior court order is subject to modification whenever a change in circumstance justifies that modification. For example, it is quite common for parents to have a Custody / Visitation order that they negotiated when their children were young. After a period of time and the growth of their children, their order may no longer make sense. You may need to modify your prior parenting plan to take into consideration the changing needs of your children.

Additionally, child support orders are often modified based on changes in the income or financial circumstance of either party. After a period of time, you may need to modify that child support order to take into consideration any increases in your ex-spouse's income or decreases in your income. Additionally, if there has been a change in the parenting plan giving you more time with your children or your ex-spouse less time with the children, you will want to modify your prior child support order.

Spousal support orders can also be modified based on an increase in the salary of the ex-spouse who is receiving spousal support. If your ex-spouse has benefited from an increase in his/her earnings and is now able to support himself/herself, you will want to modify your spousal support order to request a downward modification or termination of your obligation to pay support.