Olympic Figure Skater Johnny Weir and His Husband Have Reconciled – The Couple’s Short Lived Divorce Proceedings Prove That Divorce is Rarely Simple

During consultations with prospective clients, I often hear, “Oh, this divorce won’t take long. We have an agreement on everything. He/she won’t fight my requests.” More often than not though, issues pop up in divorce cases that neither spouse anticipated. For example, who gets to keep the dog? What happens when one spouse is angry about the divorce and becomes physical, or starts harassing the other? What about the wedding rings, Faberge Eggs and the Hermes and Chanel bags? While most people may not have $20,000 Faberge Eggs and thousands of dollars in handbags lying around, unforeseen issues often pop up in divorce cases and this seems to be what happened in the divorce of Olympic Figure Skater Johnny Weir and his husband, Victor Voronov. In their initial announcement of the split, Johnny wished his estranged husband well. However, things quickly unraveled. First, there were domestic violence allegations. Then, Victor asked for spousal support and attorney fees. To solve that issue, the parties were ordered to sell their Faberge Egg and wedding rings and place the funds in a trust. They were to use some of those funds for their attorney fees. Next came the fight over the dog, and who would have “custody.” Johnny also made allegations that Victor had destroyed his Berkin, Celine, and Chanel bags, which were presumably, quite costly. The Johnny Wier divorce case illustrates just how many issues can arise in a family law divorce case. Most cases are not as simple as the divorcing parties first believe. At Mello & Pickering, LLP, we can help you spot issues that may arise in your divorce matter and give you advice as to how best deal with those issues, before things get out of control. Call our office for an initial consultation or to set up a one hour in office appointment at (408) 288-7800.

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