Another “Kardashian” Divorce – Bruce and Kris Jenner File for Divorce

It has recently been reported that Bruce and Kris Jenner have filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage. What most would assume would be a contentious, expensive divorce, appears to be over and done with before it even started. According to , in late September, Kris Jenner filed for divorce, in “pro per”, without a lawyer. Bruce’s Response was filed shortly thereafter, also in “pro per.” As reported by, the parties had already reached an agreement on all issues prior to filing. Specifically, they have divided their approximately $60 million estate, they are sharing joint custody of their only remaining minor child, Kylie Jenner, and neither party will receive spousal support. Bruce and Kris reportedly deposited almost all of their earnings into joint accounts during their marriage, which would have made it easy to split their assets equally down the middle.

When meeting with new clients, we often get asked how long the divorce process will take. The answer is that it depends. It depends on whether and how quickly the parties are able to reach an agreement. If parties are able to reach an agreement like the Jenner’s reportedly did, the process can be quick and painless, or as painless as a divorce can be at least. When there is an agreement on all issues, there is no need to file motions with the court, which saves the parties time and money. There is also no need for lengthy settlement meetings or trial. A trial alone can cost each party tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees and costs. Expert fees add additional significant costs. When divorcing parties have come to an agreement prior to or shortly after filing for divorce, the only items remaining to be done are exchanging disclosures (a Schedule of Assets and Debts and an Income and Expense Declaration) and drafting a Stipulated Judgment, or Marital Settlement Agreement. All of that can be done fairly quickly, with minimal expense, and with less emotional angst than in a contested divorce.

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